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“Awesome service, Customer service is great! and my work was delivered on time, and plagiarism free. Thank you Superior Essay Papers!!”




Thanks guy for saving my a.s…You aweresome.



Superior Essay has basically saved my life. I was struggling with anxiety due to balancing full time school and work. I have been to hospital couple time leaving me fatigue to find out later I developed an ulcer. This Service had provided me the relieve for falling behind in my classes which saved me from dropping out of my Psychological Statistics Class and losing financial aid money. I have spent close to $200 dollars rather than losing work time and dropping my class. Best investment in my life!!!
I have had couple days off work feeling free of anxiety to heal due to process. I enjoy how fast the Operator Sam and Jack is. They have a 24-hour chat window and if that’s not available they are quick to get back to me though my personal email.
The writers are phenomenal! Always being patient and having great communication.

I love the structure with the service orders having a count down window in addition to that it leaves me less worry due to always having strict teachers.
I am blessed for all the services and your team provided me. I went from falling behind with a 40% to an 80% B+ passing my class. I wish I knew this site long time ago. Been in school for 8 years for health and Science and Psychology.

Best investment is yourself and this service. Now days we must work hard to have stability. But this SEP company are all very hard working individual’s to save you the stress and money with saving you time in addition to very good quality essays. Not once I had got a poor grade nor plagiarism issue. This is coming from someone who attempted multiple wed sites, which failed to provide me with quality essays. I had stopped for a year until I found this site. Due to seeing how well the website was arranged with the 24 hour services provided.

Krystal is such a useful and convenient tool for every student today. I just couldn’t seem to keep it together with all the hustles of work and study; it was all too much to handle, it made me sick. The help I got from writers gave me so much relief, I can hardly think of studying without them. I am now in my final year at Harvard and my grades have risen steadily just as has my performance at work. They have also been linking me with the available offers and discounted rates so that I always get value for my money. With Superioressays, I got no regrets whatsoever, and would happily recommend any student who is looking for help out there.



I am Camille from Canada. I have used Superioressays services for the last two years and I have been impressed by their work. My essays always fetch a B and above unlike when I was always too strained to give it my best. They are very understanding and flexible. I have enjoyed their discounted package a couple of times over and above the quality papers they have delivered. For anyone looking for study help, this is home for you!

I recommend superior essay for their quality plagiarism-free essays and punctuality even on tight deadlines. The record breaker for me was the 2-hour deadline paper that they delivered on and not even a single part in quality was compromised. Sincerely, I expected them to turn it down –so you see, it was a sweet surprise that really boosted my trust in them. I’m about to graduated and you can be sure that I’ll come looking for you Superior writers for my doctorate level support as well.



Superioressays has been a great relief in my studies journey. I was so sceptical at first when my friend told me about the writers, but in one instance when I found myself overburdened and badly stressed by numerous assignments coupled by lots of pressure from work, I decided to give them a try. To say the least, they surpassed my expectations and from then onwards, I never looked elsewhere for study support. They got great writers, wonderful payment plans and when it comes to time, they never delivered an order late. If you aren’t using them yet, you got a raw deal!

Pascal, University of Sussex


First time i was frustrated as the writer didnt send my paper on time, but now I use them for all my papers and experience is great,,,I dont regret my decision to stick with them..



I’m Valerie from the university of Wisconsin-Madison, currently in my third year. I writing this to particularly recognize the great support I have received from Sam at Superior essays. His customer care service, timely communication and perfect choice of writers for my need is just awesome! The rest of the team is very helpful as well – as a result of your great services, my grades have improved immensely, and I’m able to hold my two jobs and continue with my studies. Thank you Sam, thank you Superior essay writers.


Throughout my undergraduate and Master’s Study, I have found Superioressays to be an extremely helpful companion. This is so, especially when it comes to urgent assignments, they never failed me not even once. They have a reliable 24hour customer support. This way, you never have to worry about off-office hours. The quality of work they do is high end- no plagiarism cases or wrong formats and referencing. I always give it up for Superior essay writers – they are simply the best.

Owen, New York


My writer had a few typos but overall good essay.



I am Marie Pier from Illinois, now in my third year. My first time to use your services was when I had a very hard-to-crack assignment and the student support I was using at the time failed to take it up. This stressful situation went on for 2 full days as I hopped from one site to the other in total vain; needless to say, I was getting desperate. Then in what seemed like a last minute thought, I called a classmate who had once mentioned about a personal writer. He said that his writer was from and that I could request for the same from their customer care. To cut the story short, my assignment was done and delivered a day to the deadline. But that isn’t all; when the results came, I had a straight A, the only one that was attained in that assignment! I officially moved to for all my academic needs. If you are undecided about which website to use, then be assured now that this is the place to be.


My job entails a lot of traveling and engagement with the people in various destinations. It thus becomes almost impossible to spare enough time for my International Relations has been of great help in sealing this gap and delivering papers that fetch the same good grades as when I would be doing them myself. Therefore I get no regrets. Thanks Jack and Sam for liaising me with the best writers in your site.



Gret service, I recomend



Thanks for all the help you’ve given me. You took the hustle off my shoulders just when I was about to differ my studies and wait till my company could approve my study leave. I had seen my academic dream crumble before my eyes – but through the help I received from you guys, am now counting days to my graduation. My project was perfect – I have no words. I will always be indebted to you…hey, thanks Jack and Sam. You are great guys.                                                                                                                                            Ty

This is Megumi, a fourth year student from Polis University. I have found a lot of convenient support from your company. Superioressays has helped me with tight assignments where I simply couldn’t balance between my part time job and my studies. Your cooperative staffs at the customer care attendance are always awesome. I was also very happy with the 20% discount you give for orders above $35. I would like to recommend any student looking for assistance to give Superioressays a try – they will not disappoint you.


I write this review as a gesture of gratitude to Superioressays for the assistance they offered me when I was almost giving up on a course unit that I had failed before and had to retake. I felt demoralised as I just couldn’t seem to get it right; but when I visited Superioressays and explained my case, they assigned my orders to a top writer who handled it so well- my grades literally shoot from D to A! I thus became stuck with Superioressays and I never dared look elsewhere for support. They never disappoint as they always write original plagiarism-free papers within the stipulated time. I would like to assure everyone out there that Superioressays is the best.


Am Ethan, a social worker and a Masters student at a university here in the US. has helped me with work report analysis as well as course support from time to time. I learnt of them from a co-worker who had used their services during her undergraduate course. She referred me to Sam and I equally found him and the writers to be exceptional. Speed and originality are great attributes they got – go ahead and try them out.

I learnt of this site from my Childhood friend George who would never stop talking about these writers. He would keep saying its magical- that I shouldn’t go on without experiencing them. He would keep railing this whenever I missed our usual Rugby tournament or the road trip with the boys over the weekends due to tight time schedules with my coursework. When I finally heeded his advice, I felt so much relief after having my orders delivered 2 days before the deadline and in perfect quality. I have never been left out of the good times by my friends ever again, and my academic performance keeps on rising. Their reliability and convenience has helped build my trust in them and I can confidently recommend them to anyone. So, try them and see – it’s magical!

This is John. I have used many academic sites for different courses and the only reason I write this review is because I found Superioressays to be indeed superior to all the others I used in terms of quality and success rate. Not all sites can assure you of a good grade; for some, you simply escape with a pass. However, with Superior I could almost be a 100% sure that the outcome will be an A or a B on a bad day. They never make you look thick helped shape my project proposal when I felt so stuck and confused. I had tried to give it my best but my mind to be totally separated from it; I almost felt depressed as time went by. Someone recommended this site and I immediately dropped them an email. The first impression was their prompt response – they have a 24hours customer service- and attention to detail. They would ask for all details and clarification of instructions so that when my proposal was finished, it was just as I wanted it- no single detail was left out. Thumbs up Superioressays.                                                                                                        Jamie


No many word just ty.



If you are finding out about this now you can bet you have lost much, try ad catch up



I am Owen and I have worked with this academic support firm for quite some time now. I can say for sure that their work is very professional, well researched and always in time; not even once have they turned in my order late. Theirs is excellence blended together with commitment to deliver peace of mind. If you’re looking for value for your money, this is the way to go.

Hi Superior, am so excited for the best work you done for me. I have tried many company here in India and not happy with the result. My score now is high and lecturer is congratulating me all the time. Your service is perfect good grade, and very nice assistant on phone. All my friends wants your help and I give them your link. Thank you


Am in my third year law school and most of my friends are now using Superioressays for any academic support required. This is as a result of referrals from one student to the next, who have all tried and tested these writers. I would pick them for any student any day as their work speaks for itself; thorough, plagiarism free, researched, high quality and timely.

I am Valerie; I study in the University of New York. I have known Superioressays since my first year and they have been extremely useful to me. I always entrust more than 50% of my course work to them and I have not been disappointed. They always deliver quality- no need to worry about plagiarism, sketchy work or late orders. They carry their reputation in their work, and as expected they give it their best. I always appreciate the effort that Millie, one of my choice top writers, puts in ensuring she’s available on request and the exemplary job she does. Thanks Superior for such mercies…oh, and the discounts! How could I forget? is simply the best academic support website. I love them; Best in research, admission essays and even course reports. You’re the best and I’m lucky to know this.

Rachel, Manhattan


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