English Language

English Language

. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.ch allow readers to validate where the information stems from as well as to provide readers with the ability
Need an argumentative essay on English Language. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ch allow readers to validate where the information stems from as well as to provide readers with the ability to personally investigate information” (Bolt, 2007).

In the workplace, weblogs can allow the company to gain a deeper understanding of what “clients actually want, need and will pay money for” (Innovation Creators, 2

007). This article on ‘How to use Blogs in the Workplace’ states the opportunity for personal motivation and focused business communication amongst the uses for weblogs besides public relations and marketing. When used to facilitate focused business communication, weblogs can be effectively used “as a platform to help people withing your company communicate about what they are doing for work” (ibid).

Not many CEO’s use blogging mainly for reasons of time and the fact that it is more likely to be under scrutiny by employees (Jeremiah, 2007). However, if used carefully, it is quite simply an easy and powerful means of communicating. In fact, weblogs are a mass communications channel for company information, public relations as well as internal communications. And, the medium of technology makes the whole process of blogging easier. Through the Internet it is easy to reach a huge global audience not limited to the company or immediate market. Debbie Weil author of The Corporate Blogging Book says that, “an effective blog enables you to have a two-way conversation with customers and employees”.

Also, weblogs can make effective use of a combination of images, audio and video content too besides text. The sheer quantity of webblogs is very large but Internet search tools are powerful in finding the precise information required. Weblogs also help to build connected businesses. Hyperlinks make it possible to link with related information from other writers.

I strongly urge to consider the option of blogging to supplement your existing communication methods to reach out to your audience more effectively. It is a popular trend and

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