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SuperiorEssayPapers.com is committed to delivering superior quality to our customers. Our main service is copywriting, which implies preparation of unique content to individual orders. Delivery of quality unique content is dependent on the cooperation between you and us. Our writers are skilled and professional and strictly adhere to our Superior quality policy.

The Company does not guarantee plagiarism free on proofreading, editing, and formatting services. These are papers that are not written by our professional writers and may not be scanned for plagiarism. SuperiorEssayPapers.com shall not refund any amount for claims that formatted, edited, or proofread paper is considered plagiarized.

Payment and Price

Our prices are competitive and affordable. Bear in mind that prices paid for our various services may be changed from time to time. Please make sure to check our latest price displayed on the website before to submitting your order.

Order Placement

Feel free to place an order with SuperiorEssayPapers.com for a superior quality and unique content paper. This is quite easy;

  1. All you need to do is to fill in your order details to facilitate the writing. Be sure to provide sufficient details to ensure that the writer gets the instructions clearly. At this point, you can also upload any attachments (doc,ppt, or PDF files) that are part of the paper instruction.
  2. Once you have provided the necessary information and documents, you can proceed to sign up by providing your correct and up-to-date personal details.
  3. This should lead you to the payment section. Remember, we will only proceed to assign you a writer once you have settled the quoted price for the order.

Please feel free to talk to our support team who are always available for chat in case you experience any difficulties or if you have any type of inquiries.

In order to accurately meet your needs, we suggest you use any of the extra options below:

  1. Preferred writer:
  2. TOP writer – The most experienced of our writers will prepare the paper for you,
  3. My previous writer – Your previous writer will prepare the paper for you. If your previous writer is not available, the top writer will be automatically assigned to you.
  4. VIP customer service – Your requests and messages will be processed in the first place, and you will be notified via a call/email.

Money Back Guarantee

You have an opportunity to claim money paid in case of a circumstance that warrants such a refund. Under such circumstances, refund applies for issues provided as follows:

  1. Before the product approval, you qualify for a full refund in case of a payment mistake including double payment e.t.c, we cannot provide a writer to complete your order, or you no longer require the ordered material because the deadline has elapsed and no paper has been delivered to you.
  2. You will be eligible for 70 percent refund if less than half the order’s deadline has elapsed and the paper has not yet been delivered. The writer will be partially compensated because the writer has already started working on the order.
  3. A 50 percent refund may be done if over half the deadline has elapsed and no paper has been delivered, or no writer is available for the revision.

Verification Process

The Company takes issues of customer’s billing information protection seriously. SuperiorEssayPapers.com is committed to eliminating fraud by protecting the credit card holders who get into a business relationship with us. The nature of our business restricts our ability to provide a handwritten signature as proof of delivery.

Revision Policy

Although we guarantee superior quality assistance, it is sometimes necessary to have an order revised as per the customer’s request to ensure that the final draft is absolutely compliant with their required standards. The good news is that it is possible to request your paper to be revised at no cost provided; it is not deemed as unreasonable return of the paper, or instructions do not contradict the initial order instructions, or it is not an obvious abuse of the revision option. If the revision request violates the original order instructions or any of the above-mentioned guidelines, the Quality Assurance Team has the right to decline it. The entitlement for revisions expiries within 14 days after the paper has been delivered. We understand that research papers and dissertations may take a prolonged time to be approved, thus, we allow 30 days for dissertations and research papers.

Intellectual Property Rights

At SuperiorEssayPapers.com, guarantee delivery of absolutely unique content. Our professional freelance writers are required to adhere to our plagiarism free policy and to maintain high levels of intellectual integrity. For these reasons, our content does not violate any third party rights. The customer only pays for the preparation of the content, but the intellectual property rights to the content reside with the Company. To authorize the customer for legal usage of the content material, the Company grants limited right to content material usage. The limited right shall be valid and remain in force within six months since the payment of their order. We consider acceptable plagiarism to be lower than 10 percent. In case it is higher than this, you have the right to apply for revision or refund. Clinched phrases such as proverbs and connectors and bibliographical references are not considered as plagiarism and will be excluded in the computation of the plagiarism level.

NB: Superioressaypapers.com provides online custom written papers, such as term papers, research papers, thesis papers, essays, dissertations and other custom writing services inclusive of research material, for ASSISTANCE PURPOSES ONLY. These custom papers should be used with proper reference only and not for academic submission. Students are advised to exercise due diligence and academic integrity in using custom written papers for their tutorial purposes.

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